Humans since 1982 x Paul Milinski

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May 19, 2023 – May 26, 2023





In collaboration with renowned 3D-artist Paul Milinski, Humans since 1982 presents two exclusive artworks:

I. Five limited edition physical/digital NFTs that include a physical ClockClock 24 x Milinski – Deep Cloud Silver Hands and a digital video NFT – Vision 1. This artwork is available on a first come first served basis.

II. Spaceless = Timeless - an open edition digital NFT that unlocks future experiences and opportunities for collectors in the digital world of Humans since 1982. This artwork will be available for 24 hours.

Over a decade ago, Humans since 1982 started exploring the human desire to gain control over and collect everything possible – and even everything impossible. In 2011, with the light sculpture Collection of Light they created a statement piece that, in a proverbial way, attempts to “collect” light. Later, in 2019, they explored ideas around ownership, possession and categorization within the video-based series Collection of Motion. Today, Humans since 1982 continue their ongoing exploration of the borders and implications of ownership and collecting in collaboration with Paul Milinski to create their first ever items to own and collect on the blockchain.

Paul Milinski is an esteemed digital artist and the mastermind behind Milinski Studio. His unyielding passion for technology and storytelling has resulted in a prolific career marked by breathtaking 3D still images and mesmerizing animated tales. Always pushing the limits of what can be achieved with digital art, Paul is renowned for his innovative approach to creating immersive, visually stunning pieces.

Together, with the aim to create an experience where time and space seemingly dissolve, the limited edition Humans since 1982 x Milinski ClockClock 24 – Deep Cloud Silver Hands transports you into a moment where time can be forgotten. This physical artwork is pulled from the digital world experienced in the video NFT - Vision 1 - created in collaboration with Paul Milinski. Inspired by baroque frescoes, where painting and architecture create the illusion of an expanding metaphysical space and timeless realm of “heaven,” this is Humans since 1982 x Paul Milinski’s 21st century attempt to suggest such an illusion. In addition to this limited edition physical/digital NFT, we are also releasing the open edition digital NFT - Spaceless = Timeless

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