HolyShxxt!! Stage 2

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October 27, 2022 – November 03, 2022





Experienced game and blockchain developers Fully doxxed team Solid community built since Nov 2021 Delivered road map of stage 1 Growing to be big in stage 2
HolyShxxt!! - a football strategy game in a brand new genre of gaming we called Community Gamefi. It is different from the traditional type of Football Manager games being played on computers and consoles, HolyShxxt! Managers and Agents work together to manage a club, internally training and developing players, brainstorming tactics. Externally building good public relations and establish club's reputation. They all aim to become the top leader in the league. Excitement of Holyshxxt!! extends beyond the screen, it is a simulation to a in-real-life football club management experience , it makes the community more lively and cohesive. This combination of community interaction and the Play-n-Earn elements are the key components to the first  Community Gamefi being developed and it is a key direction that the Keyzero's team moving towards.  


The game is divided into two modes: Agent mode and Manager mode. - All HolyShxxt!!! holders are Agents. In the Agent mode, everyone can name their players (HolyShxxt!! NFT), select a desired club to join, negotiate a contract with a Club Manager, watch games and view all the stats and info.  - When an agent achieve to a certain level, he / she may apply to become a Manager. In Manager mode, players can create clubs, recruit players, negotiate contracts with Agents, participate in tournaments, arrange lineups, edit formations and tactics, watch games, and view all tournament and player information. Some Managers will also create social media accounts for their clubs to promote and recruit players. Clubs with higher popularity will be rewarded more accordingly in the game.   HolyShxxt!! Stadium's official season will begin in late October. We will kick off the season with an exhibition game between the two championship clubs LIVE on Discord, you are invited to join us to cheer for the two teams. All participants will be awarded to be on the allowlist for the next mint.

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