Grumpy Cats NFT Game

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September 20, 2022 – September 27, 2022



Grumpy Cats NFT Game is a stake-2-earn based strategy game. All the Grumpy Cat NFT owners can access the game and the supply is limited by 1,800. Mint price: 1.5 SOL

There are going to be 6 different clans and one kingdom in the game. All the grumpies are equally distributed among these 6 clans which are ice, volcano, sand, wasted land, cyber, jungle. In the grumpy map, all the clans and the kingdom will be visible very soon.

When the game starts, basically all the holders can stake their NFTs and they will get weekly rewards as usual in the other projects. Differently in the grumpy wars, the place which will be decided to stake matters. In other words, Sand Grumpies can be staked on the Volcano's Area, or a Wasted Land’s Grumpy can be staked on Cyber’s Area and all of the combinations just like that are possible for staking.

All the owners can get rewards just because they staked their NFTs but if the same clan holders can communicate, plan and organise well enough and make some successful raids on the other lands, or conquer the kingdom they would get more rewards. For example, if the Sand Grumpies could able to invade any other lands different than Sand Land, they would make more profit. Yet, the quantity of the Grumpy Cats may not be enough to make successful raids.

Battle points calculated weekly and total calculated staking time matters too.Each clan has a leader and a unique bonus in battles. Clans can be stronger or weaker when they are going to face each other. Therefore, holders need to communicate well to make some successful raids or defenses. When all the Grumpy Clans are compared to each other there are not any stronger or weaker clans in those six which provides us to play a fair game!

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