Grishea Drop 1

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January 21, 2023 – January 28, 2023





GRISHEA Drop One is a range of 950 NFTs with 20 different designs, created for fashion fanatics in the Metaverse. Drop One showcases the first of the ‘Pyramidal’ collection with a range of colours and rarity levels. Each NFT is a token of investment to allow the brand to become physical with profits going towards the GRISHEA fund.

The Grishea Fund is name given to the arm of the Grishea brand which will fund the future brand ventures.

The Grishea Fund holds 100% of the profits made from the early-stages of the brand. From each Grishea NFT sold, the profit made will go directly back into the business and into this fund. From this fund, we plan to ‘self-seed’ the physical arm of Grishea. All profits made will be re-invested into additional NFT projects until we have sufficient capital to begin the process of creating the physical arm of the Grishea brand.

Whilst the company will have a majority and final vote on all financial decisions, those who hold certain NFTs will have voting rights around many expenditures and details surrounding the development of incoming projects. All personnel who are a part of the fund will have exclusive insights into the development of the brand.

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