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January 20, 2023 – January 27, 2023





The cat sits in front of the mouse hole into which the mouse recently crept, and thinks: "I didn't wait long, I'll catch the mouse!"

The mouse, however, speaks in the burrow: "I'm small, but I'm smart! I don't stir from inside I'm staying inside!"

Suddenly she hears - instead of "meow" -a loud "woof-woof" and laughs: "The poor cat, the dog hats!

But now she has to run as quickly as possible, instead of sitting in front of my hole!" But unfortunately - well, you already guessed it - Was that a mistake on your part?

because when the mouse steps in front of the hole - it was just a very small step -she becomes by cat paw power snatched away!--- Then the cat washes its paw and speaks with her own note: "how useful it is now and then, if you can speak a foreign language!"

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