Grimace Collectibles by McDonald’s Singapore

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August 21, 2023 – August 31, 2023



Fast food chain giant McDonald’s is taking its NFT affairs to the next level by bringing one of its beloved characters to the realm. Dubbed Grimace, this is a playful and friendly purple monster grinning heartily. In collaboration with crypto startup Bandwagon Labs and pseudonymous NFT artist The Hidden Walls, McDonald’s Singapore will be launching a series of Grimace collectibles to let the brand’s fans own a piece of McDonald’s history. 

The Grimace character was originally introduced in 1971 as one of McDonald’s mascots. Although the character started off as a scary and mean-looking monster who was stealing people’s milkshakes, it eventually evolved into becoming one of the most favorite mascots from the fast food chain. Today, McDonald’s describes Grimace as the “embodiment” of a milkshake.

Grimace’s 52nd birthday was celebrated between June 12 and July 9th. The event was commemorated at McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. with a berry-flavored milkshake also known as the Grimace Shake. The event was accompanied by a viral engagement of 2.9 billion views on social media platform TikTok with the hashtag – #grimacemilkshake. This helped to boost McDonald’s second quarter sales by over 10% in the U.S. and about 12% globally.

Based on this massive popularity, McDonald’s decided to launch 2,000 digital collectibles featuring Grimace available to customers in Singapore only. The 2K-piece series will portray Grimace wearing different expressions and accessories, each with a distinctive blend of attributes and traits. The collection will be rolled out as soulbound tokens (SBTs), available through the official McDonald’s mobile app in Singapore. They will be free to claim and will not be tradeable, providing access to ‘exclusive treats in the future.’

The Grimace-themed collection will be available starting the week of August 21st. If you’re in Singapore, mark your calendar for the date to join in McDonald’s exciting non-fungible initiative!

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