Girlzey Roar Limited Edition Nfts

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November 24, 2022 – December 01, 2022





URG (Under-Represented Group) is launching our first Girlzey ROAR NFT Limited Edition Bundle which advocates for the empowerment of women. The Girlzey ROAR Empowerment Collection makes the statement that under-represented groups are strong, bold, and unapologetic about our Heroic ROAR (Radiant, Omnificent, Awe-Inspiring, Resilient). The brand embodies the fundamental truth that we are unique, we are equipped to do anything, and we can be anything that we want in this world. At a time in which women’s empowerment is so critical and top of mind, Girlzey is leveling up to further define and promote a woman’s sense of self-worth, to emphasize our entitlement in determining our own choices, and our right to influence social change for ourselves and others. So, support our mission by joining our G.E.M.M. Community and becoming patrons of our product lines. Together, we can drive lasting change. 

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