Genesis Edition DLD Mascot

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May 06, 2023 – May 16, 2023







Imagine a world where anyone especially younger generations, regardless of their technical background, can create and monetize their own games on a cutting-edge platform that taps into the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. No more short-lived games or barriers to entry for crypto enthusiasts.

We're talking about an evergreen ecosystem where games are constantly evolving to meet the latest trends, providing endless opportunities for creators and players alike.

The top 25 NFT characters with the highest value over the next 3 months being immortalized as playable character assets in DLD's cutting-edge game building platform.

But that's not all – we're giving away a pool of $5000 worth of DLD tokens to DLD mascot hodlers! All participants' wallets will be automatically airdropped with DLD tokens. (subject to ratio of nft's minted, if 3000 NFT's are minted, $5000 will be the max reward)

This is the future of gaming and it's within reach!

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