Gaian Angels

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March 03, 2023 – March 10, 2023









A legion of 2000 earth guardians that protect the history of a post-human world from complete annihilation.
Forming a community on giving, building and growing for mother earth.

The "Gaian Angels" were not always the benevolent beings they are remembered as. In the early days of Gaia, they were feared by the inhabitants as they used their powers recklessly, causing destruction wherever they went. However, as the ages passed, the "Gaian Angels" evolved, becoming more responsible and mindful of the impact of their abilities. They pledged to use their powers only for good and to protect the planet and its people. Over time, the "Gaian Angels" became the guardians of peace and stability, revered by all who lived on Gaia. Today, they are remembered as the protectors of the planet and the keepers of hope.

Join the evolution of the "Gaian Angels" and own a piece of history. From feared destroyers to revered guardians, add a unique "Gaian Angel" pixel art to your collection today. Be a part of the journey from chaos to peace and stability, and let the "Gaian Angels" inspire you to use your own abilities for the greater good.

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