Frens Factory

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April 04, 2024 – April 11, 2024



As Frens, we're here for the long haul, collaboratively creating impressive ventures. Our significant goal is to bring individuals from Web2 into Web3, fostering mutual support and growth.

Introducing Frens Factory, where our name embodies our essence: "Frens." We aim to facilitate seamless access to web3 for everyone, guiding you through each stage and fostering positive momentum collectively. Our synergy of exceptional design and a vibrant community sets us apart, ensuring a journey that empowers you in the world of web3, from Degens to Degens.

Our aim is to establish a robust community where everyone can reap the benefits. Whether it's through airdrops, alphas, or whitelists for other projects, our name, Frens in Web3, speaks for itself. Our artwork is truly unique, hailing from another world, and we aspire for our community to surpass even the excellence of our art

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