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March 05, 2022 – March 12, 2022





Fleyes are human eye mutations into ones similar to that of a fly's eye, thus 'fleyes'. These mutations were caused by nuclear fallout during the Artificial Intelligence Sentient Lifeform Evolution (AISLE).

During AISLE, nuclear reactors were set to meltdown creating clouds of nuclear material eliminating 98% of the population in a matter of months. The remaining 2%, and their progeny, were rapidly mutated by the irradiated environment and raining nuclear ash.

Those actions resulted in the global transformation from a booming, lush society to a cruel world wrought from pain and suffering. If you want to survive in a post-AISLE world it's imperative to use your skills and mutations wisely!

These NFTs were designed using a real fly-eye image, color and patterns added, the lenses removed and designs put behind the lens cages.

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