Fertile Guppies

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December 03, 2021 – December 10, 2021





We are an NFT project whose utility is being an awesome service provider. In our discord we offer "White Glove" service for buying NFTs. We aim to make your collecting experience easy, safe, and effortless. 

Buy a Fertile Guppies NFT and reap the rewards of staking your NFT. By offering a unique staking platform, our members can pay for our service with staking reward “GupBux!”

Our goal is to continuously provide White-glove service to NFT collectors who hold and stake a Guppy. See Full list of services here:

- Analytics tool Harpoon provides rarity score and deals on OpenSea

- Grinders to secure whitelists 

- Promoters on staff who meet invite requirements for whitelists 

- Crypto fund manager on staff who hosts a weekly AMA and provides daily market updates 

- Blockchain security experts who are directed to projects to check on contracts on integrity 

- Intel from paid memberships to gated NFT Alpha communities 

- Insane giveaways on the regular 

 Upcoming Dates: Drop 1: Dec 3rd, 2021.

 Drop Details

We are splitting our launch into three drops, building in quantity and price. This will provide many benefits:

1. Ensure we can scale our services as new members join.

2. Organically build a solid community of like-minded enthusiasts.

3. Limit supply and build a very solid price floor.

4. Tiered pricing to build a strong growing floor price.

We will also open breeding season between drops and reward anyone staking both a Male and Female Guppy with a Fertile Fish Egg Token. This can be claimed for a FREE Fertile Guppies NFT at the next Drop. 

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