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June 15, 2022 – June 22, 2022





Collection of 1000 works of art on the polygon blockchain the funds collected for the works of art will be allocated as follows: 60% creation of a cryptocoin mining farm (eth, btc, or solana); 50% of the profits obtained by mining will be shared equally among the holders, 30% will be used to improve the mining farm and 10% advertising and 10% artist. 10% advertising 10% donation victims of the war 20% artist sale of works of art 1-1000 to 0.04 eth 1001-2000 to 0.045 eth 2001-3000 at 0.05 eth 3001-4000 to 0.055 eth 4001-5000 to 0.06 eth 5001-6000 to 0.065 eth 6001-7000 to 0.07 eth 7001-8000 to 0.075 eth 8001-9000 to 0.08 eth 9001-10000 to 0.085 eth road map creation of social networks: ready creation of the smart contract: date 04/20/2022 website creation: 04/30/2022 white list registration: 05/03/2022 launch nft mint: 05/10/2022 official sale at open sea 15/06/2022 this is a collection of art different from what you are used to seeing, it is not crypto punk or monkeys social media twitter: https://twitter.Com/fantasticartnft discord: https://discord.Gg/en66rrsz

Instagram :https://www.Instagram.Com/fantasticartclubnft/

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