E.t. Of The Blockchain

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December 03, 2022 – December 10, 2022





A private collection of 350 nft´s e.T. Of the blockchain, living in polygon fee gas.

Made by they are made by two guys who are passionate about the world of nfts and pets

10% of sales will go to a pet shelter

We are big community! Https://linktr.Ee/crypto_hiro_nuka

Each tier will have different prices to make sure investor´s profit & floor

Prices 01-50 = 0.005 ethereum

Prices 50-100 = 0.008 ethereum

Prices 100-150 = 0.01  ethereum

Prices 150-200 = 0.05 ethereum

Prices 200-250 = 0.08 ethereum

Prices exclusive and rare 250-300 = 0.10 ethereum

300-350 marketing


01/08/2022: start creating nft models

25/08/2022: I am looking for charity to the destination 10% sales

03/09/2022: finish creating the 350 nft's models

10/09/2022: social network settings.

11/09/2022: marketing and social media giveaways begin.

03/12/2022 to 11/12/2022: create landing page collection in opensea.

04/12/2022: nft e.T. Begins minting in the open sea

This is not a crypto punk nor bored ape but this don quijote de la blockchain will explore in your heart cool art nft collection!!!

 Attention!!! Start season 2 [ holders will have 10 nft´s ]

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