Escape The Apocalypse

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March 26, 2022 – April 02, 2022





Escape the apocalypse (ETA) is the first NFT project which combines the idea of lottery with puzzles. The basic concept of this project is that you are trapped in the ground floor of a building in the middle of an apocalypse. A helicopter is parked at the seventh floor. In order to escape, you need to get to the helicopter as soon as you can. At each floor, there will be a difficulty stopping you from advancing you to the next floor. The difficulty mentioned are puzzles. Correctly solving the puzzle will let you advance you to the next room while wrong answer won't let you do so. (You can try infinite times) The first person to complete all 7 floor wins the game! This is a P2E game which is fair and is verifiable. A total of more than 90% of total sale is rewarded back to the community in form of giveaways, prizes, contests and events.

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