Emotional Snacks

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September 26, 2022 – October 03, 2022





Back in 2007, the popular comic book artist Miguel Ángel Martín began a collaboration with the online newspaper soitu.es. He illustrated 300 articles about Sex written by the team of sexologists M. Pérez, J.J. Borrás and X. Zubieta. The topics covered in the articles went from sex therapists, the use of condoms, sex in public or chemsex; always from an open-minded perspective.

Eighteen years later, we are honoured at ComunicarNFT to publish the first NFT collection by Miguel Ángel Martín, that will consist of 25 selected drawings from that legendary collaboration with soitu.es.

‘Emotional Snacks’ is a manual selection of Martín’s best illustrations, full of the style and the characteristic use of colour of the author. Now you can purchase one of these historic pieces in digital format from the comfort of your home. 

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