Duckfactory: Eggs Hunter Adventure

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May 27, 2023 – June 03, 2023







Calling all NFT enthusiasts and feathered adventurers! Get ready to waddle into the exhilarating world of Duckfactory as we unveil our highly anticipated Eggs Hunter Adventure. This extraordinary event promises a delightful blend of collectibles, merging eggs, and incredible rewards for all participants.

A Glimpse into the Duckfactory Eggs Hunter Event:

  • Eggstravaganza in Phases: Our event will be divided into six exciting phases, each spanning two months. Brace yourself for a continuous thrill ride of egg-citement throughout the entire journey.
  • Piecing Together the Event Structure
  • Total Eggstravaganza: A whopping total of 6666 eggs [1111 for each phase] will be scattered throughout the event, waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers like yourself.
  • Leveling Up Eggs: Here’s where things get interesting. Merging three level 1 eggs will enchant you with a splendid level 2 egg. Embrace the thrill of evolution as you upgrade and unlock new possibilities!

Check out the full Eggs Hunter Adventure event rules, embrace your inner adventurer, and prepare to make a splash in the captivating Duckfactory Eggs Hunter Event. Quack on, brave explorers!

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