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July 03, 2022 – July 10, 2022





What is the purpose of DrunkGrandpa's community

The people in the community are all people with the same goal, the desire to succeed in life.

We are building a place where we can talk about our future and sharing ideas with people all over the world!

Sharing all kind of ideas, from selling vegetables on a market to living in the metaverse. This is the place where people can come together to build life with helping each other by sharing their thoughts and sharing opinions.

The key to this amazing place are the extra ordinairy NFTs from DrunkGrandpa, once you purchase a NFT from his collection on Opensea you will be able to unlock a link into the DGC member area from the server! So actually are the NFTs from DrunkGrandpa's collection a ticket into this precious space.
Every month we will launch a new collection from Grandpa's 1/1 art as NFTs!

You will have LIFE-TIME access to this community even when you resell your NFT!

That's the amazing part of this project, you will have the key to this community were you can pick up great advice and share thoughts with like-minded people and when you are in the server you just can resell your NFT (if you want to) with profit! You don't lose anything, you got in this amazing community and you just resell your NFT with profit to someone who want to join.

Let's build together this DrunkGrandpa Community, together we are stronger

See you on the other side 

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