Onchain Block Invaders

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June 10, 2022 – June 17, 2022





Onchain Block Invaders (OBI) is a 100% generated and stored on-chain evolvable pfp collection with swappable skins and color palettes.

The custom contracts support uploading future assets, directly on-chain, that collectors can use to change their skins and palettes without impacting the rarity system. These are not new NFTs, 1 OBI = up to 32 skins and 32 color palettes that can be combined in 1024 variations.

OBI supports uploading new contracts tied to the existing collection containing new render techniques and on-chain mechanics.

The story-driven collection is doubled by a BOLD-SIMPLE-INCLUSIVE design, starting from prime shapes that mixed together offer a distinctive graphical line.

- Mint Date: 11th of June Pre-Mint, 12th of June Public Mint

- Mint Price: Free

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