Drop NFT Game 1024

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August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022





This project is very interesting, it's a blockchain version of the game 2048. It's experimental, but depending on how it works out it could create a new trend in itself.

it starts with 1024 nft's of the number 1, it's a free mint with 10% royalties and you have to pay to merge. 2/3 of all the money generated goes into the cash prize. Whoever reaches number 1024 unlocks the cash prize

There are several interesting game mechanics but the main ones that stand out to me are:

-a guaranteed jackpot from a Free mint

-A self destroying collection

-the fight between paper hands and diamond hands

-the fact that people will have to build teams or guilds to get their hands on the jackpot which is likely to be shared by a group rather than acquired by individual

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