GORJS DAO: Dream Vortex NFTs by NYX

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April 27, 2023 – April 28, 2023






L’Oreal-owned cosmetic company NYX Professional Makeup is bringing enhanced beauty to the metaverse with its latest NFT collection, Dream Vortex. This release is the second NFT initiative by NYX within the brand’s beauty DAO called GORJS. 

GORJS serves as an incubator for Web3 creators, beauty makers, and artists where they can express themselves without limits, sharing their artistic vision of beauty. The DAO’s mission is to shape the future of digital beauty beyond the physical and cultural norms.

Dream Vortex NFT series within the GORJS DAO is a collection of 4,150 NFTs that act as the key to unlocking a prestigious GORJS Avatar for all collectors. Each Avatar is a unique high-fidelity 3D model with different traits to present your digital identity in the most accurate way possible. Carefully crafted by nine reputable artists, including Maxime Hacquard, Robert Lazar, and Jonathan Plesel, all holders can use the GORJS Avatars across several digital platforms, such as Sandbox and Hologram. 

These distinctive Avatars unlock a variety of utilities based on their traits. Access to limited-edition physical Infinite Objects frames of the avatar, Rory Rockmore’s physical jewelry connected to the NFT trait, and 1 GORJS daily token for governance, voting, airdrop bidding, and allowlist processes within the DAO are among the benefits for holders.

The Dream Vortex NFT collection will launch on April 27th on OpenSea with 0.09 ETH apiece. All minters must burn the Dream Vortex NFT to redeem the GORJS Avatar 24 hours after the mint. 

The new initiative by NYX is aimed at inspiring creators to explore the idea of beauty shaped by dreams, creativity, and imagination.

Mark your calendar for April 27th to grab an irresistible avatar!

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