Dorky Ducks NFT

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October 27, 2021 – October 30, 2021





Dorky Ducks is 10,000 randomly generated and unique pieces of art, carefully crafted by some of the most creative quacks around. Here is a brief description of our roadmap:

20% - Some number of DorkyDucks NFTs will be airdropped to our early adopters and supporters. We will put large focus on our social media, Discord, and connections in order to ramp up the project and send DorkyDucks to the moon.

60% - A TBD number of DorkyDucks NFTs will be airdropped to our early adopters/supporters.

90% - A community grant fund of $25,000 will be launched. These funds will be deposited into a community wallet, where YOU can help us design, develop, and create something the community values (e.g., extra utility for the ducks, additional art, new collections, etc). In addition, 1% of secondary market fees (OpenSea) will go into the community grant forever! Wallet address TBA.

100% - Within 3 days of launch, we will buy up a handful of ducks at floor price, in order to help stabilize the price of DorkyDucks NFTs.

Utility and Outlook: DorkyDucks NFTs have utility because holders will be able to mint for free 1 NFT from our next collection (e.g., DorkyDogs). DorkyDogs will be available to mint roughly 4-8 weeks after the DorkyDucks launch. Holders of both DorkyDucks and DorkyDogs will qualify to mint for free 1 image from our TBA hand-drawn collection.

Metaverse: In the future, we will be allowing holders to import their DorkyDucks as "skins" into virtual worlds & existing video games. We're committed and working hard to make this happen.

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