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November 16, 2023 – November 23, 2023







Digital Art Girls is an online community that focuses on women artists working in the field of digital art. The community aims to support women artists in the digital art industry and elevate the display of their artworks.

Founded in 2015 by digital artist Gabrielle Guthrie, Digital Art Girls provides a platform for women artists to connect, exchange experiences and ideas, access educational resources, and collaborate with each other.

Members of Digital Art Girls can benefit from various features offered by the community. These include:

  1. Networking and collaboration: Members can connect with other artists through Digital Art Girls' programs and events. This enables networking, collaboration on artistic projects, and the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals.
  2. Education and resources: Digital Art Girls offers tutorials, webinars, and educational resources to its members. These resources cover techniques and skills related to digital art, software used in the industry, and other aspects of digital artistry.
  3. Artwork showcase: Digital Art Girls has a dedicated section on its website that showcases the artworks of its members. This provides women artists with a platform to display their works, engage with the community, and connect with art enthusiasts interested in digital art.

Digital Art Girls serves as a supportive community for women artists, providing them with a safe space to showcase their talents, exchange knowledge, and explore opportunities in the digital art industry.

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