Cyber Ape Yacht Club

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April 29, 2022 – May 06, 2022





First event and the project is less than 6 months!

Sons of legends boxing event is on april 29 at he virgin hotel and casino in las vegas. Just by holding a cayc ape, each holder is able to attend this event as well as getting a discount of 30%-60% off a room/stay at caesars palace.

Rare 1/1 cayc holders will receive exclusive ringside seats to the event above, valued at $30,000 usd per seat, sitting in between boxing legends mike tyson and floyd mayweather. With full backstage access to the events afte rparty, located on the top floor of the hard rock casino, where you are able to personally meet multiple a-list celebrities like patrick mahomes, mike tyson, sylvester stallone, evander holyfield, and robert de niro.

This is one of the many utilties cayc offers to their holders. 

Other utilties that are included and in the works:

-gamblestakes: a staking dao, granting cayc owners the ability to stake your cayc onto a popular crypto casino and receive a percentage of casino profits monthly, percentage dependent on traits.

-metaverse: access to the sandbox ($5000 value)

-metaverse (cont.): access to 3 exclusive metaverse enclaves on over 250 acres of land.

-metaverse (cont.): access to a one of a kind ready player one based easter egg hunt "The hunt" which thousands of cayc owners will play through clues, quests, puzzles, and games in search for the final ethereum wallet, valued at $100,000 usd.

-application: mobile application & website access to holders to be used for the hunt.

-events: june 15th company vote for investment allocation on charity choices. 

- august 15th second season preview party (location tbd, invitation to cayc holders only).

- october 15th vegas meetup party (invitation to cayc holders only).

-events (cont.): over $1.1 million has been invested into the cyber ape yacht clubs for access to enclaves, events, and venues, and we're not stopping. The team will continue to work on exclusive venues and more & more unmatched utility as time goes on. 

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