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March 28, 2022 – April 04, 2022





NFT Multiverse is happy to introduce a new collaboration between the artist Genya_Fun and fiction writer Anna Campbell, bringing our community a project comprising a series of illustrated children's books as NFTs. ​

The life and dreams of a young girl named Genya from a small Italian village on the border of Switzerland is the heroine of this series. She is surrounded by annoying adults who always stick their noses into her life. Genya believes that somewhere, a mystical world exists, where the magical animals who run through her dreams live their lives. Genya is preparing for a long journey, in search of her dreams.

About the creators:

Anna Campell is well known as the author of urban fantasy "Lila. A Game of Three Words". She is developing the storylines for the book "Adventures of Genya".

Genya_Fun is an Italian artist, a participant in art exhibitions worldwide and a teacher of classical art.


Q1 - 2022

Create artwork for minting. Begin developing storyline for characters. Commence creation of Social Media accounts to build community.   Q2 - 2022 Mint 600 unique hand drawn NFTs on Ethereum network. Commence sales of NFTs (goal of 25%). Grow community (goal of 5000 followers across platforms). Open discord server to inform the community of developments.   Q3 - 2022 Complete the fictional stories of characters. Begin design of book series. Actively involve the community in development of the project. Crypto-Genya NFT holders to participate in further story creation.   Q4 - 2022 Mint the first edition of stories as NFTs. Priority for NFT holders to purchase first editions. Commence the development of the Crypto-Genya game. Giveaways for most active community members.

The artwork series "CryptoGenya" are minting on the Ethereum blockchain and selling on OpenSea.

The sale will open on March 28, 2022, on OpenSea!

The first set will be 300 unique 1/1 NFTs, drawn by the artist Genya_Fun, including various series; Family, Garden, Me, Genya's_Dreams, Nightmares, and Zoo.

The second set of 300 unique NFTs will be coming in August 2022 with the first series of stories for children's books. 

The new stories will be minted as NFTs and made available for purchase, as well as NFT editions of the stories.

The owners of the NFTs will be placed on the whitelist for priority in the presale of NFT short stories.

During the year we commence a Discord channel for our community, where the owners of the NFTs can participate in the creation of the stories. 

We are extremely excited about this project and know that you will love being a part of it. It is a fantastic time to jump on board and purchase yourself an original NFT while the project is still in its infancy. 

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