CryptoCossacks Club & Metaverse

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July 12, 2022 – July 19, 2022





CryptoCossacks Club is a Ukrainian Web3 and Metaverse brand including a series of NFT Drops with characters and gear which you can use in the CryptoCossacks Fight Club game. All NFT drops are with Ukrainian identity and 50% of the first collection revenue will go to a charity to Ukrainian humanitarian funds and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. You will know more about the story of CryptoCossacks Metaverse from Comics which will be published later this summer.

Don’t miss the chance to join early, because the mint price will grow iteratively and part of the remaining items will be burnt at every milestone.

This project is developed by WeSoftYou and supported by Ukrainian officials and celebrities.


Editor note:
This project claims to raise money for providing financial aid to Ukraine which is now suffering from Russian aggression.
Please note that you are sending money to a third party whose further actions are out of our control. NFT Calendar can't guarantee that funds will be sent to the charitable organisations.
If you are willing to directly support Ukraine with crypto, we have created a list of funds you can donate to.

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