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July 06, 2022 – July 27, 2022





CryptoAnthill consists of a collection of ants, it has 3,000 worker ants, 1,500 soldier ants and 500 queen ants. 

The anthill is the abode of ants, where they live in a society where individuals protect themselves. Ant symbolizes cooperation, hard work, planning, community life, persistence, perseverance, fertility and proliferation.

Each NFT was randomly generated with different bodies, colors and many other different items. Each ant has its own style, from simpler ants (example: CryptoAnthill #1057) to more sophisticated ants (example: CryptoAnthill #171).

If you like pop culture, check out CryptoAnthill #4886 and CryptoAnthill #3697.

If you like rock'n'roll, check out CryptoAnthill #3306.

If you like hip hop, check out CryptoAnthill #3158 and CryptoAnthill #3146

But our anthill has fun too! Strengthen this colony, find your style and join us!

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