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March 04, 2024 – March 11, 2024




Crypto Dragons Den is releasing its Launchpad in Q2 2024 which will raise funds for crypto start-ups Seed, Private, and IDO rounds. As a result, we're launching our Genesis NFT collection on 4th March on Each NFT will give holders utility second to none including:

  1. Priority access to all launches on our platform
  2. Passive income from our ASIC mining farm(estimated ROI of 12-18 months)
  3. Voting rights as to which projects launch on our platform
  4. Free holders-only lottery for Cash prizes
  5. Airdrops from projects that raise on our platform
  6. Exclusive holders-only giveaway competitions

There will be 4 rarity levels:

  • Glass - 8,000 NFTs(80%)
  • Bronze - 1,500 NFTs(15%)
  • Silver - 400 NFTs(4%)
  • Gold - 100 NFTs(1%)

Each rarity level will have its own mining multiplier for claiming income from the ASIC mining farm:

  • Glass - 1x
  • Bronze - 1.25x
  • Silver - 1.5x
  • Gold - 2x

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