Cowtious NFT mint

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September 18, 2022 – September 25, 2022





Cowtious FARM is minting 

Cowtious is a art collection of 1,000 NFTS of cows in vaction on the Ethereum Chain and to show us how much they had fun, they sent us selfe.

Each NFT will be Stakeable in the farm to earn profit ( $MU coin )

Each NFT is contain QR CODE that link to real map and show you the real location that your cow took the selfe.

Each Holder will Airdrop with $MU Coin (after Snapshot).

We will lottery a tickets between our holders, the winner will fly to the location that shows in your NFT.

This collection is a KEY PASS to our next collection that will cotain 10,000 NFT, our 1k HOLDERS will MINT FREE the next collection.

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