Cotton-top Monkey Club

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May 19, 2022 – May 26, 2022





The Cotton-Top Monkey Club "CTMC" is a unique collection of Non-Fungible art where we are going to launch 8,888 unique and randomly assembled Cotton-top Tamarins, with the most character of all the Colombian forest.

Every single Cotton-top monkey minted on the blockchain has a unique combination of features. That means if you want to join our club and you obtain a Cotton-top monkey it will be just as special and rare as you are.

This project is also going to serve a most critical aspect of global need in the way of helping towards forest care and the preservation of the Cotton-top tamarin in the form of donations and social service.

It's a Colombian NFT project aiming not just to sell but sell with a purpose, it is comitted to work in favor of creators, buyers, society and the planet. Owning a Cotton-top Monkey shows that you not only care about the Tamarins but also actively help saving our forests funding innovative conservation projects in Colombia.

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