Coingames Rising Legends

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May 29, 2024 – June 05, 2024


Magic Eden



Meet Rising Legends, the debut NFT collection from CoinGames, the first decentralized ecosystem in the Web3 world. With 2500 carefully crafted NFTs, each piece is special, offering 10 different ranks from Commoner to God.But what makes these NFTs truly stand out? Well, they're not just pretty pictures. Each unlocks access to the exclusive CoinGames revenue share program, the VIP club, passive income opportunities, and much more. These benefits are carefully designed to fit multiple communities' interests, such as gamers, Web3 fans, and investors. Let's learn about each in more detail.As a Rising Legends NFT holder, here's what you can expect:1. 10% of the Casino Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) is earmarked for direct redistribution to our esteemed NFT holders.

1% dedicated airdrop allocation once CoinGames' own $CGT token is launched.
Just by owning an NFT, you'll earn some extra tokens passively.
The rarer your NFT, the higher your status in the CoinGames community, unlocking exclusive perks.

Other extra benefits include early game previews, the possibility to compete in Elite competitions, and exclusive promotions customized specifically for each NFT holder and their interests, from sportsbook-enhanced odds to unique deposit bonuses.And guess what? This is only the beginning. As we gear up for our big launch on May 29th through Magic Eden, we're cooking up even more surprises for you. By owning a Rising Legends NFT, you're not just buying art—you're joining a vibrant community at the forefront of Web3 innovation.Ready to join us? Claim your spot on the whitelist now by visiting the Rising Legends website and clicking "Claim Whitelist Spot."

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