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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022





5040 Christ-all-of-Mind 

Christ-all is generated and based on your personal data, your soul number from 1 to 9 (sum of all numbers in your date of birth), 

Day of the week – your patron planet, season of your birth, also the period of the day or night when you were born.

Each is an avatar and a selling point in the DAO and platform RUKAMI.

The first 350 NFT holders – are investors with voting token. 

All Christ-alls give reward to the owner: 

Each of the 5040 NFT's has a 0,005% of the platform, after – gives the reward of using the platform.

0.07 ETH is the price for the early birds, first 350 pieces.

Collect minted or generate your own Christ-all-of-mind.

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