Kangaroo Kulture

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September 24, 2022 – October 01, 2022



Kangaroo Kulture is the blueprint to kick off our future ambitions. We are an NFT project that is supporting REAL living creatures in our hostile world. We want to give back to our NFT owners with generous ETH drops and hidden surprises as well as supporting wild life sanctuary's across the world. Kangaroo Kulture will be donating 2% of profits to our chosen sanctuary in Australia. (please follow our twitter for live updates) Our aim is to make this a successful project and to expand with a much larger project in the near future. We already in talks with future partners who we will be collaborating with soon to come. These names will work hand in hand with us and bring much more attention to our project on a greater scale. They will reach out to even the people who have very little knowledge of NFT's, Organically growing our platform. We want more than just Kangaroo's saved, we want all wildlife in need to be supported. This makes Kangaroo Kulture an exciting place to start and we are sure you can imagine how many animals we can introduce into future projects and far more donations to sanctuary's across the world ! You aren't just helping wildlife, you're literally being a piece of a big puzzle to bring global awareness and you're owning a very important NFT with huge growth and potential.

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