Chicken Warrior - Hand Drawn Digital Illustration

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December 03, 2021 – December 10, 2021





"SilentSpeaker" is a NFT hand drawn illustration collection, all pieces are created by me, Kelvin Chung, a Hong Kong illustrator.

I am an experienced illustrator who passionated in surrealism. My works are full of meanings and messages, waiting for the viewer to unravel.


About Chicken Warrior

“We fight together, we live together, we eat together!”

This illustration is about 2 friends, one is a chicken and the other is a warrior. Normally chicken is the food for human being and rarely kept as a pet.

During a long battle, food can be scarce, but friendship keeps this chicken alive. I tried to play with the conflict between a starving human and his food/friend.

Type : Digital Illustration

Size : 6500px * 6500px

Tags: #art

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