Celestial Bears

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January 15, 2022 – January 22, 2022





Introducing Celestial Bears, the NFT collection with the most robust rarity system! 

Most robust rarity system ever: 77 backgrounds, 15 back additions, 81 types of celestial bears, 6 tattoos, 40 armour sets, 321 helmets, 17 weapons, 11 handguards, and 173 shoulder pieces.

Celestial Bears was created to represent strength & unity & to encourage people to remain courageous.  Each Celestial Bear allows its owner to vote for designs, events, and experiences paid for by the Celestial Community Fund. 

Pick a bearer of strength of your choice and start amassing your celestial army via https://opensea.io/CelestialBears today!

#1 to #400 (Super Rare)

#401 to #1200 (Rare)  

#1201 to #2600 (Uncommon)

#2601 to #5000 (Common)

Our roadmap includes spinoff collections that are based on community-driven directives.

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