Car Soccer

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March 22, 2022 – March 28, 2022





Hello World! We at Ironstone Games are releasing a bunch of NFTs for our game Car Soccer we are currently working on an in-game NFT Store update available for iOS and Android that makes it possible that when you buy a particular vehicle as an NFT you will be the only one to own it not only as a viewable NFT in your Wallet but having the NFT also means you are going to have the vehicle in-game as an exclusive playable character. We are currently working on this fantastic feature and it should be available soon but for now, we have some NFTs that will be launching this month about 300 of them in the collection. We have so many software and gaming projects in the works many of which are focused on the Metaverse, and as our company grows the same for the value of our NFTs so you should see this as an investment. We can't wait to share more with everyone we might giveaway some whitelist spots in this very minimal release you should read the tweet for more information for now we hope you have a happy rest of the year.

- Ironstone Games Team

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