Bunny Bebes Giveaway

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February 26, 2023 – March 05, 2023







Bunny Bebes is building something new... 

Every dollar that Bunny Bebes earns is given to our server members!

You can earn your piece of the Bunny Bebes profit by contributing to the Bunny bebes project and helping us grow!

Some ways you can contribute:

  • Chatting in our server
  • Posting on Twitter
  • Inviting new members to our server
  • Creating collabs with other servers

We've already sold 2 Bebes which is 60 MATIC (90$) that will be given away on the 6 of March!

Join the Bunny Bebes server to help us take this project to the moon and fill your pockets!

  • 5000 Cool Bunny Bebes stored on the Polygon Blockchain
  • Each Bunny costs 30 MATIC to mint
  • Minting is always open
Tags: #art

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