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April 18, 2022 – April 25, 2022





500 of our Boos! NFTs are dropping on April 18th!  Boos! is a collection of 10,000 generated NFTs by Codewranglrz, an exploratory project by CodeCast. We're combining Web3 education as a utility in our project, as NFT holders will have exclusive access to channels on our Discord where they will receive exclusive educational content relating to Web3 - everything from building NFT collections to DApps.

Boos! is an NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. We chose Polygon because we love the proof-of-stake mechanism, and we want our NFTs to be accessible to the average user.

CodeCast is a Vancouver startup centered around the developer community. Our passion is learning and teaching, and our unique software allows people to live-stream tutorials while sharing their codebases all into a single media player. It makes learning to code easier than ever before because the code they write in the tutorial appears as it's being written for you to copy and work with.

The goal of Codewranglrz was to learn and explore the world of Web3. We used this to build out a collection where we will be sharing our educational content with our holders. 

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