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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Hey guys, the BONOBOS new tribe has just arrived in town. Due to their evolution, they have developed strange powers and an extreme ability to hide among us. Already 500 BONOBOS have been seen around and rumor has it that there will be 10,000 of them. Help us capture them!

Each BONOBOS new tribe is designed with a completely unique and fun trait combination. Some of them have rarer and sometimes, SUPER rare traits.
 Everyone is Unique

Each BONOBOS has its property : Background, Badge, Mouth(bouche), Hair(cheveux), Neck(cou), Nose(nez), Clothes(vetement), Face(visage) and Eyes(yeux).

Example of rarity for Nez (Nose) :

(silver ring)Anneau Argent_10%(black ring)Anneau Noir_26%(gold ring)Anneau Or_1%(silver chain)Chaine Argent_13%(gold chain)Chaine Or_6,9%(tag chain)Chaine Tag_20%(arrow)Fleche_15%(fish hook)Hamecon_2%(spear)Lance_6% None_0,1%

Don't wait and join the tribe!

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