Blessed be the fruit

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November 28, 2023 – December 05, 2023





In a period of uncertainty about the future and many existential questions regarding the past, refuge in faith and mysticism become a temporary palliative for survival. The kingdom of heaven idyllically embraces life and death.

Life is the light, the fruit, the dawn, the woman. At least that is how it is perceived, however there is no certainty of such a clear reality, it could be that we are immersed in a collective dream or a simulation, the answers are less and less convincing, miracles and saints have been disappearing.

Sins have become relative just like the truth. The fruit or mass of souls pressed together waiting for salvation to quickly crumble. Fear has been defeated, death is no longer the villain, it is just another spectator, witness to the brief chapter that each soul writes. The encounter with death is glimpsed as a sweet eternal rest.

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