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December 23, 2021 – December 30, 2021





A collection of 6000 fun and loving BullyDogs, running around the polygon blockchain which they call home. They are man's best friend on the blockchain and are looking to be your new buddy, so will you be adopting one today?

Currently of the 6000, 500 have been minted and you can check this at The remainder will be minted in the coming weeks in batches of 500 a time, this will be communicated on my twitter The reason for minting 500 at a time is all will be listed at the same price, including BullyDogs with rarer properties, making it a great opportunity to get a rare NFT provided you are quick at the standard price, the slight delay in minting prevents all rare BullyDog NFTs from being swooped up all at once.

Its always a party at the BullyDogs Kennel, so get your new best buddy and join the BestBullyDogsClub 


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