Beers Around the World

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March 01, 2022 – March 15, 2022






Beers Around the World NFT Collection is comprised of 30 distinct NFTs. The Collection celebrates the role beer has played in civilizations for centuries. The Byzantine Empire used beer as a form of currency. Throughout the Middle Ages, beer was a key ingredient for nutrition and amusement. During the Industrial Revolution, the mass production of beer stimulated economies and morale. Today, “let’s grab a beer” is used amongst friends to reconnect after years of separation due to the pandemic. Beer has, and will, always have an impact on our world.

The countries selected in the first phase of our Collection, may not all be known for their affection towards beer, but behind every beer, there is a story. Each NFT contains a beer bottle with the country’s flag. The bottle is featured in front of a background that celebrates the respective country’s natural beauty and human creativity. 


Beginning on March 1, 2022, we will release the first of thirty NFTs. One NFT will be released every day, for thirty days. Each NFT will be available at auction for thirty days. The highest bidder of the individual NFT will be declared the winner of the auction.


Beers Around the World NFT Collection will be available at auction on OpenSea. The auction for the respective NFT will be open for thirty days after the NFT becomes available on OpenSea.

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