Killer Kangarooz

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March 04, 2022 – March 11, 2022





Killer Kangarooz have been programmable and developed based on 100`s of thousands of different variations. We tried to design origin characteristics you've never seen on the blockchain before! Each series is limited, That means once a series is sold out, there will be no more of that series produced, Each series comes with a scarcity factor. If you miss a series launch, keep your eyes open for future series. We will be launching a total of 3 collections in 2022 totalling 10,000. The amount of NFTs released each series will decrease as the year goes on. In Q3 we aim to launch the “Kangarena”  a NFT PvP fighting game built around our Kangaroo ecosystem. NFTs are a very hectic space, Killer Kangarooz was created to be an escape from that. So enjoy collecting and building with us.

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