The Batmobile Collectibles by McFarlane Toys

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September 21, 2023 – September 22, 2023



Buckle up as McFarlane Toys is taking you on an exciting ride to a digital collecting universe! Powered by Rarible, a digital platform brings the most coveted toys in a digital form usually for the same price as their physical counterparts.

On September 21st, McFarlane Toys will drop The Batmobile collectibles – one of the greatest weapons of Batman’s crime-fighting past. Looking absolutely incredible in terms of design, The Batmobile resembles the 1989 Batmobile as well as the one that appeared in The Flash movie. It is most likely that the iconic car blends the features of both of them. 

Among all the gadgets in Batman’s toolkit, Batmobile is one of the most powerful and stylish. Forgotten and hidden away in the darkness of the Batcave, it was finally rediscovered to drop as a McFarlane digital toy.

The sale will happen in two phases: Allowlist and Public, featuring 1500 collectibles overall. 

  • Holders of any collectible from the Bane collection will be allowed to mint one Batmobile with a 15% discount during the Allowlist Sale. In addition, owners of all six Batman posters will be able to mint one collectible for 135 MATIC during the Allowlist phase.
  • The public phase will open in 15 minutes after the Allowlist phase, allowing to mint 5 collectibles per wallet for 135 MATIC. 

May the power of Batman be with you! Mark your calendars so as not to miss a chance to collect this incredible vehicle!

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