Baby Ape Mutant collection

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February 19, 2022 – February 26, 2022





 All NFT traits are licensed by MAYC holders.  There will be only 3333 Baby Mutant NFTs ever created. NFTs minted with whitelist spots are 50% cheaper.  Every NFT will be revealed right after it has been purchased. 1. Free minting for BABC holders and other special members on 18th of February. 2. Minting for whitelist spot owners on 19th of February. The price is set to 0.0333 ETH. 3. Public mint on 20th of Februry. The price is set to 0.0666 ETH. Mint will be closed after all 3333 NFTs are minted. Purchase your whitelist at
All NFTs will be mintable at

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