Baby APE Club NFT

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August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022





Baby APE Club Guests will go on sale in September and maybe whitelisted for right now, up to Legendary Rarity! To find out when the drop launches and to find out if you were whitelisted, follow us on social media.

Please be aware that we won’t reveal the exact date until just before the drop, in order to stop malicious bots from stealing more than they should. With the use of anti-bot measures, we’ll do our best to keep these cunning bots out of the drop.

This is your first opportunity to purchase NFTs, which are essential to the Baby APE Club metaverse. All NFTs have limited availability and won’t be produced again.

Buy early to benefit from our early INO pricing, increase your likelihood of snagging low serial numbers, and receive valuable in-game prizes.

Before joining the sale or whitelisting, be sure to add the Polygon Network to your metamask!

Visit the Baby APE Club NFT website to know more and mint NFTs.

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