APE by Ethereal

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October 01, 2022 – October 06, 2022





APE is a collection of artworks that explores the relationship between apes and humans.

We like to think of ourselves as evolved beings, but the truth is, we're just apes. We might have bigger brains and opposable thumbs, but we're still animals, governed by instinct and emotion. This art collection explores our primal nature, and how, despite our best efforts, we can't escape our animal selves.

The collection features a variety of apes, each of them individuals with their own styles, their own taste and their own unique personality. The collection as a whole is a reminder of the close connection that humans have with apes, and it highlights the ways in which we are alike, rather than different. In doing so, it challenges us to reconsider our place in the natural world.

Each APE is a unique, 1/1 work of digitally created art that has been turned into an NFT. Some of the artwork is realistic while other pieces are more whimsical or abstract. The collection showcases the various styles and representations from all over the world and highlights the uniqueness of individuals, whether they are ape or human.

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