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May 08, 2022 – May 15, 2022






We are bringing a new revolutionary project that combines NFT / Metaverse / animal welfare organization and a crypto currency - "4rt Token". Through the Anim4rt welfare association we buy a Rainforest, so each NFT will be an owner of a part of a real rainforest. This will ensure that it will stay untouched and protected. 

With Anim4rt, own what you protect!

The wilderness is fading, species disappearing from the Earth. And the cause: Humans. 

Ironically, there is only one solution: Humans.

Unless we band together and vow to protect them and create sanctuaries where all animals can live in peace, they will always be endangered.

Become a co-owner of a rainforest through your ANIM4RT NFT and save the wild species. 

Once all NFTs have been sold out, we will acquire 5000 hectares of Amazonian rainforest.
All acquired forest is divided into 10 000 parts, meaning each NFT will be an official owner of 1/10 000 od the rainforest through our Anim4rt association.
Benefits are used to buy more rainforest so each Anim4rt NFT will automatically grow the amount of rainforests parts.  The more forests we buy, the more blocks each NFT will own, increasing its value over time.
30% of the royalties will be divided quarterly to the holders in our crypto currency - 4rt token. 
 All holders will receive yearly distribution of the benefits generated by the Carbon Credits. 1 Hectare of « ANIM4RT FOREST » generates up to 16 Tons of Carbon Savings per year? Each ton of captured CO2 entitles you to 1 carbon credit valued up to $30.
Each year a statement of Wallets will be released and will automatically determinate the value of 4rt Token.

What makes your project different?

Our project is a revolution in the NFT world. Not only our NFTs are beautiful and extremely rare, but they are an encyclopedia of animal species. But this is not the only difference.
We are creating a metaverse world, where all NFT owners can learn, observe and interact with the animals.
The most important progress, is the creation of the Anim4rt welfare association and the 4rt token. Through the association we are buying a real Amazonian rainforest, that will be divided into 10 000 parcels of land.
Each NFT will be entitled to 1/10 000 of the rainforest, which is securing its future and survival of the species that are dependent on this land.  
Our aim, strength and also difference is that through art we are saving the real world and it’s wild species. 

Save the Planet with Anim4rt .

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