Agorians Avatar Collection on The Sandbox

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August 29, 2023 – August 30, 2023



French multi-disciplinary artist and DJ Sébastien Devaud, also known as Agoria, is taking a unique approach to the non-fungible realm through his Agorians avatar collection. Created in collaboration with The Sandbox, the new art series combines various Agoria’s facets, including digital art, physical experiences, and his love for music.

This initiative is touted as the first-ever Web3 avatar collection with an automatic appearance transformation. Each Agorian avatar comes with a special transformation ability, namely it changes form based on real-life time of the day. Every six hours, the avatar takes on a new form to fit the time of the day, be it day or night. Due to this dual identity, the Agorian avatars are termed as 2/1 collectibles instead of the natively known 1/1 art.

The collection features four rarity tiers – Dreamers (40%), Wanderers (30%), Stargazers (20%), and Cosmic Keepers (10%). Each avatar will be randomly generated with 2,000 items to be sold for 100 SAND apiece. 

The Agorian avatars support the LGBTQ+ movement and minorities through diverse physical traits, including pride-colored outfits, dark-skinned avatars, Chinese eyes, and more.

Owning one of the avatars unlocks access to The Sandbox metaverse, VIP access to IRL events or merchandise endorsed by Agoria, and other benefits. There will also be a game experience tied to the Agorian avatar collection dubbed One Life Two Bodies. The game, which will be available from September 7th to 21st, will introduce an immersive quest-filled adventure as players embark on a journey of self-discovery. Winners will be eligible for a share of a 100,000 SAND prize pool.

Agoria’s concept of science, art, music, and social good is perfectly reflected in his impressively crafted collection of avatars. Mark your calendar for August 29th and join in this thrilling experience on the Sandbox. 

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