41 Years Terry Lex

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December 09, 2022 – December 16, 2022





41 years terry lex [bday free mint nft]

The years 1-4 are now live on opensea

Terry lex, born 10. November 1981 celebrated its bday and turned 41 years old!

41 years terry lex is a special collection of 41 unique terry lex cartoons for 41 years. Each of this 41 cartoons can be minted for free.

Main sale date for the years 5 - 41:
December / 9th / 2022 / 12:00 

Mint price:
Free mint / 0.0


Total collection:

Rarity specials:
The first 4 years are already listed and availble on opensea to 365 owners for each year. The next 5 to 39 years are special limited to only one possible owner for each year.

Rarity super attention:
The next 40 and 41 years are the most special two creations of this collection and special limited to only one possible owner for each year.

​​surprise + benefits:
Owners can unlock content on opensea and download 15 special bday gifts from terry lex and more...(check benefits for nft holders on www.Terrylex.Com).

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